Ceramic: a safe and sustainable choice

A combination of nature and technology 
Choosing ceramic in modern architecture means emphasizing the quality of this noble, natural, high-performance material. Ceramic in non-allergic and odorless because it doesn’t retain dirt and bacteria, and it’s easy to clean. It withstands any chemical or mechanical stress, it’s long-lasting, it doesn’t burn and doesn’t release harmful substances. With its wide range of surfaces, sizes, and thicknesses, ceramic is beautiful, safe, and suitable for any use. Moreover, it’s fully recyclable, it doesn’t contain plastic, and it’s made with production processes that help protect both the environment and human health.
A real commitment 
Casalgrande Padana manufactures state-of the-art ceramic materials keeping a perfect balance between natural resource protection,environment protection, advanced technology, economic growth, and social responsibility. Our ceramic is glaze-free and made exclusively from natural raw materials through a closed-cycle manufacturing process where sophisticated antipollution equipment allow all the components to be recycled and reused, with substantially zero emissions or dispersions. Ceramic is sturdy, long-lasting, and reliable. The perfect choice for sustainable architecture.



Cascadia is an innovative, industry leading manufacturer, creating high-performance fiberglass windows, doors and cladding support systems. Included in some of the most exciting and award-winning construction projects across North America, Cascadia’s goal is to help revolutionize the energy-efficiency of modern buildings and drive the adoption of high-performance building products.

Mission Statement: Lead North America’s transition to energy efficient building design.

Core Values: Excellence | Innovation | Sustainability | Efficiency | Integrity | Education


We have a standard recycled content letter we can provide showing that >75% of the aluminum content is Post Industrial or Post Consumer scrap. Our Monarch Z Clips are 100% recyclable aluminum. Our products are proudly made in the USA.

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